Filming my Master Mind Program

Last week I (Maxine King) decided to do some filming in readiness for the promotion of my Master Mind program I promoting.    As my appointment drew closer, I doubted I had enough material for the filming.    Despite all the material I had prepared over the previous months, fear was trying to invade my space.    Nonetheless, I knew this was something necessary to get my important message to reach my tribe.     As a result, I chose to keep my laser beam focus and energy on my desired outcome for a successful end result.   And consequently had an amazing experience whilst getting to know the phenomenal John at J Productions.  Indeed we had great fun learning from each other whilst being creative with some fabulous filming.     In short, I had a choice – had I chosen to buy into my fear, this filming would never have taken place!
``The only source of knowledge is experience`` - Albert Einstein
Filming my Master Mind Program
Filming my Master Mind Program

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