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Maxine began her journey in property at the tender age of 18 with the purchase of a property through an executor’s sale.   She successfully refurbished an end of terraced house which  led to a continue career in property.


With several years property experience under her belt, Maxine pursued her lifelong passion with horses taking a leap of faith and going solo.     At this time Maxine successfully created one of the largest animal feed and accessory businesses in the South East of England, providing primarily for the equestrian fraternity but expanded to agricultural and domestic pets.    


Now with a failed marriage, Maxine found herself in a life-changing situation where she became a single mum with no business and no income.    Being left to start again from ground zero, Maxine had to totally rethink her strategy.     After a period of self reflection Maxine decided to become a Life Coach and trainer in Leadership Development with Horses.    Further training  included Neuro Linguistic Programming,  Emotional Intelligence and Brain Education.    


From here, Fresh Mindset Ltd was born helping executives, consultants and coaches to build confidence, gain clarity to significantly improve performance by positioning themselves as influential leaders.       Maxine amalgamated both property and coaching disciplines to assist clients in developing their own property investment strategies.


She discovered that she had an aptitude for making money, but it always seemed that she could only create so much income before she hit a wall, and something stopped her from progressing any further.   She spent a lot of time researching and working out why this was, and eventually broke through it!    This led her to develop her own proven Vibrational Energy Method.

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