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Play the Inner Game of Wealth to level up!

Passion + Vision + Action = the equation for SUCCESS



At Fresh Mindset, we have studied the motivations, behaviours and habits of highly successful people.   We have the experience and motivation to make a real difference to your financial health.    We put back the vitality into everything you do – enabling you to reconnect with your energy and purpose.


The Inner Game of Wealth maps out a journey to financial success.


With Fresh Mindset, you’re free to learn in a non-judgemental environment in the knowledge that we will always be here to help guide you and challenge you to achieve even greater success.


You’ll love the clarity that comes from removing the obscurities that can so easily cloud your vision.    We will help you see where you are now and how you can create the shift you want to achieve and take decisive action.


Re-discover your passion and vision.


NOW is the right time for you to contact Maxine King at Fresh Mindset

“A mind that is stretched by
experience can never go back to. Its old dimensions.” – Oliver Wendell Holmes Jr.


Be updated with all my articles and newsletters.

Be updated with all my articles and newsletters.