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For many people, an African safari is a bucket list item. But after the prolonged disruption and repeated lockdowns, reconnecting with nature is both urgent and important for all of us – it’s vital for our health and well-being. 

Moreover, it’s critical we revalue the natural world before its destruction carries us in its wake: biodiversity, climate change and human health are inextricably linked. Much of the wildlife here is unique, but as everywhere, it’s under threat: 70% has vanished in the past 40 years. We need to stop the decline before it’s too late.

Immerse Yourself

 you can help us to restore some of what we’ve lost – by joining us on safari. we’ve put together a programme that is both a thrilling adventure and an inspirational learning experience.

you’ll be immersed in the natural world amidst people and wildlife and the magnificent landscapes where our species first emerged thousands of years ago. many people feel an immediate and intense connection – your dna has been here before! this is a once in a lifetime experience, enabling you to rediscover the elemental energy of life in the archetypical natural world, and guaranteed to change your relationship with the universe, with our planet and with humanity.

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