Our Story

Maxine King

At the tender age of 18 Maxine initiated herself into property development, pursuing and succeeding in this area she took a leap of faith and followed her lifelong passion for horses and opened a thriving horse feed company which in a short few years became one of the largest wholesale animal feed and accessory suppliers in the South east of England.


Along her journey raising two beautiful boys as a single mum and running multiple business’ through the highs and lows she discovered the power in the self-development. Continually being drawn to study and master an array of healing & personal development modalities from Neural Linguistics, equine leadership development to neo-shamanism, quantum energetic healing. Her own self-discovery, liberating experiences and personal changes from her studies had a direct impact on her outer physical world as a result of her inner healing. With the intention to share this magic and be a guide for others Fresh Mindset was born.


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The birth of FreshMindset

Peeling back the layers allowing your true essence to shine through. Reignite your soul purpose and awaken your innate inner state of freedom. Fresh Mindset was created to re-invigorate and empower people to be at their fullest potential, financially, mentally, physically and spiritually. We invite conscious connection creating self sovereignty and interconnectedness with in self generating a ripple effect that touches surrounding families, communities and beyond.


Wherever you or your business are right now, allow the perception of not enough, fear, lack, unworthiness to shift and see the expansion of a 360-degree view filled with the abundance of life.  Fresh Mindset is dedicated to helping you along your journey, it’s a privilege to be here.



Maxine has been an amazing support to me with my spiritual wellbeing. My whole wellbeing feels calmer, happier, more balanced. I feel like such a fortunate person to have experienced this and will 100% continue this as part of my life moving forward. Totally amazing!!! – Joe B.

Working with Maxine has been truly transformational. Her incredible skills, commitment to get results, guidance on what steps to take next while working with her were spot on. Thank you, Maxine, from the bottom of my heart. – Pavla E.

cosmically amazing is the best term I have to try and convey the richness, release, and return to wholeness I’m experiencing as she’s guides me. Her humility, deep reverence, and unending love is evident as she pours out her heart and soul. any who trust her and take her hand and simply ask her guidance to grow. – Christopher M.


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